Half-ice rewards

Parents say half-ice Novice hockey is rewarding for young players. Source: Half-ice rewards Small area games are everything today. The game is now all about skill and half ice programs set up our youth for success. If you are new to Novice, you can read more about the Novice Hockey Program here.

Reminder: Registrations Tonight @ Wahnapitae Community Center 6-8PM

Just a reminder that we will be holding player registrations tonight from 6 to 8 PM at he Wahanpitae Community Center. Additional registration night will be held at the Colonial Inn, Monday August 28th from 6 to 8PM. Don’t forget, if you can’t attend you can always register online on our website.

Donate your unused equipment!

Help the CMHA and its hockey players by donating your unused equipment. Kids will have the opportunity to trade their outgrown equipment for something that fits. We all know how quickly they grow out of their equipment and CMHA wants to make it more accessible to everyone to get proper gear and stay in the …

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New Drills Hub

A new drill hub for Coniston coaches will soon be available. This will include practice plans, drills and more! Keep an eye out. We hope to launch all of these for the new 2019/2020 hockey season. Until then, enjoy your time away this summer. Play lots of sports outside of hockey to build up on …

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