NOHA – Hotel Challenges

Please see the letter attached outlining the challenges the NOHA has been made of aware of with respect to Hotels during tournament weekends.

Letter to Associations – Hotel Challenges – February 13, 2023 (1)

Date: February 14, 2023
To: NOHA Associations and Single Entry Teams
From: Sue Shepherdson
Re: Hotels

The NOHA has received several complaints from various hotels associations around Northern Ontario.

The associations have been dealing with numerous circumstances regarding the actions of both players and parents who are staying at their facilities during tournament are behaving in an
manner that is negatively impacting their business.

It has now gotten to the point where several facilities are considering no longer permitting hockey (sports) teams to block rooms and are no longer providing discounts to these Teams.
They are also considering significantly increasing their rates to help deter larger groups.

With the cost of hockey already extremely high, and travel for many Northern Ontario Teams being extensive during the season which further impacts the costs to play the game, it is
extremely concerning that the behaviour of a small number of people is affecting so many families and Teams.

To address the challenges faced by hotel operators, the NOHA is currently discussing with them how we can collectively address the issues that they are encountering almost on a weekly basis with sports groups.

In the interim, we would ask that all Associations advise their Teams who are attending tournaments from now until the end of the season to respect the rules put in place by the
facilities, to treat hotel staff with respect, and to ensure a positive experience for all Participants.

It is also important to understand that hotels have the ability to enforce their house rules and can, if necessary, remove those who chose to ignore the rules. Eviction is a tool that hotels do not want to use, but the impact of unruly behaviour on hotel staff and other patrons is becoming an issue for them. Please do not put them in a place where they have to consider using this option.