Novice Half-Ice Rules

The NOHA has provided their recommended half-ice rules for Novice. See attached PDF for full rules.

Novice Half-Ice Rules July 2018

See bellow for a highlight of team format and game play rules.


  • 4 on 4 format plus a goaltender.
  • Teams require two goaltenders, one for each half of the ice.
  • Home team shall defend two ends of the rink to start game.
  • Visiting teams shall defend the center ice nets to start game.
  • Teams share respective players benches.

Game Play

  • A barrier at center ice will separate the games being played.
  • No score is kept and no game sheets are necessary.
  • There are no blue lines, therefore no off-sides.
  • There are no red lines, therefore no icings.
  • There will be one face-off location, located approximately halfway between the goals and two face-offs per game, one to start the game and one to start the second period.

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