One weekend in, and that gear is already funky!

We may only be one week into our Flames season, but that gear is funky! Not only does it stink, but leave it unattended and you can be stuck with mold or mildew growing on it. The odor itself is caused by bacteria growing permeated by the sweat during hockey. These simple steps will help you keep that equipment fresh all year long.

Air it out!

The easiest way to ensure the smell doesn’t get really bad is to simply air it out after each practice. Find a space in your house and setup a storage locker like one of our dads did last year.

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If you don’t have the space to setup shelving, at least get something you can hang the equipment and let it air out properly. A simple drying rack will do, or a specific hockey rack.

Stuck on the road?

If you are stuck on the road, products like the Ever Bamboo Hockey Gear Deodorizer helps with the apple when you don’t have time to get the back out and air the equipment properly from a hotel.


It’s really that simple. Most of your equipment can be washed in the laundry at home. Some companies offer commercial grade services, but really, just throw it in the wash. Coach Jeremy of howtohockey provides a simple guide for you DIYers.

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